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Discover the medium model from our "Fluffy Clouds" collection, a work that embodies the perfect balance between artistic elegance and modern functionality.


With its generous dimensions, it measures 80cm long, 45cm wide and 35cm high, adding a majestic presence to any space.


It is suspended by a textile power cable. The installation of this cloud is simplified by the rosette included in the price.


For those looking for an even more innovative lighting experience, the connected lighting option will provide access to 16 million different colors as well as a palette of effects such as "Storm and candle". This technology will allow you to control your cloud via your smartphone, giving you personalized control of the lighting ambiance of your space.


As an accompaniment, each cloud comes with a detailed guide. Which will not only assist you with the cloud installation, but also with the optimal configuration of your lighting, allowing you to get the most out of this unique visual experience.


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