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About us:

The epic began in 2013 when Sophie Van Kan, a 35-year-old veteran artist with more than 15 years of experience, and her husband Nicolas Schull, a 37-year-old renowned photographer in the French comedy world, decided to materialize a idea that was germinating in their minds: the creation of a lamp evoking a cloud, a true work of art inspired by the paintings of René Magritte.

This cloud lamp, born from the couple's artistic passion, naturally finds its place in their living room, without any intention of marketing it.

However, its captivating charm does not take long to operate on each visitor, whether a family member or a friend, immersing everyone in the captivating magic of this singular light source.

The adventure takes on a new dimension when Sophie's son, Edward Baudechon, seduced by the cloud and its success, joins Nicolas and Sophie, in an enthusiastic collaboration to design a cloud-shaped light intended for the general public.

After more than two years of intensive research on lighting fixtures and materials, Atelier de la Nuagerie emerged, realizing the artistic vision of this passionate family.


Based in Brussels from 2015 to 2022, the workshop then redeployed to Lisbon, Portugal, where the same team, active since 2015, brings these cloud lighting fixtures to life.

What began modestly with the sale of 30 cm clouds in boxes has transformed into a daring artistic adventure. The workshop now creates clouds of all sizes, plays the role of decor in exceptional events, designs tailor-made pieces for museums and public spaces, and takes part in major art fairs across the 'Europe.


Thus, Atelier de la Nuagerie asserts itself as a true beacon of creativity, illuminating the contemporary artistic landscape with its unique and poetic creations.

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