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Fluffy Clouds

All our clouds are made by hand from A to Z in our workshops.

Below you will find our classic sizes.

For any tailor made project, please send us your request by email.

Illustration_untitled 16.png
Le Marius, la taille moyenne de notre gamme nuages suspendus.
Le Julius, la taille Large de notre gamme nuages suspendus.
Amadeus, la taille extra large de notre gamme nuages suspendus.

Light up your space with the magic of the cloud.

With the option connected and intelligent lighting, it breathes new life into your home! This system gives you total control (via tablet or phone) of your lighting, allowing you to create the ideal ambiance for each moment.

Express your creativity with 16 million colors.

Very docile, it can also be placed. Delivered suspended in a wooden structure, you have the freedom to display it wherever you want. On trestles, it becomes exquisite, evoking a work of art.

Suspended, it will bring perfect illumination to yourinner bones.

Made using certified flame-retardant padding fibers, the cloud is suspended by a cable in electrically conductive fabric, itself attached to a hook attached to the ceiling. A wire cover is also included.

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