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Our diverse portfolio demonstrates our ability to bring projects of all kinds to fruition.

Whether for a dance party where our clouds add a dreamlike dimension, an artistic event where each cloud becomes a centerpiece, an exhibition in a gallery where our creativity is expressed freely, or the creation of a 12-meter structure long evoking the lightness of smoke, our team at the workshop is determined to transform your ideas into reality and inspire wonder.

The workshop is not only a place of creation, it is a fertile ground where imagination comes to life. We are here to collaborate with you, understand your aspirations, and bring a magical touch to each event.

First Cloud Workshop
Brussels, 2015
Photoshoot nuage suspendu sur mesure bruxelles

Photos taken by Nicolas Schull for the annual calendar of the Opéra Garnier in Paris.

gala bozar 2019_edited.jpg
Art exhibition solstice gallery at sablon
Brussels, 2019
Inauguration of the new Nuagerie Workshop
Saint-Gilles, 2020
0010eec6-722d-474b-bb2e-e1c3aee69f13 2.JPG
Museum Night Fever
at the Maison des Arts in Ixelles
“Clouds of Yesterday and Today”

Brussels, 2021
Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 02.43.33.png
Magritte Shop Grand-place
Brussels, 2021
Making the first cloud
Brussels 2014
Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 01.31_edit
Urbex Photoshoot
Belgium, 2017
Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 02.51_edit
Patrons’ Gala, Bozar
Julius @Wokr17, co-working space
Brussels, 2020
Dance under the clouds party
Brussels, 2020
Contemporary Design Market
Brussels, 2021
William Maanders 10.jpg
Guest of honor, Affordable Art Fair
Brussels, 2022
Train World installation
Brussels, 2022
Réplique de fumée par Atelier de la Nuagerie au musée du trin de Bruxelles
Atelier de la nuagerie at galeries de la Reines Bruxelles
Queen's Gallery Gala
Brussels, 2022
Affordable Art Fair
Amsterdam, 2023
Atelier de la nuagerie Amsterdam at Affordable Art fair
Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 23.26_edited.jpg
Hermès exclusive event
Oslo, 2023
Magritte Shop at Brussels airport
Belgium, 2023
Moving of the Nuagerie workshop
Lisbon, 2023
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